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Energizing a New Career - Meet the Member - Elsa Antonia Energy Healing

04 May 2021 2:09 PM | Anonymous

Rather than it being a barrier, for PEIBWA member Elsa Antonia, starting the New Year in the second year of a pandemic actually inspired her to take the leap and pursue her energy healing Reiki practice as a full-time business. An ancient practice, Reiki is still a relatively new health option for many, but it’s proving to be in demand and providing positive results for her clients.

Tell us about your business.

I have Master Level Reiki Certification and have been practicing since 2004. In my practice, I strive to be a clear channel, allowing Universal energy to flow through me and into you, my client. I work to balance your energy field and unblock stagnant energy, but also channel spiritual energy. This connects you to your own intrinsic healing resources - your energy body and spirit. Sessions can address physical or emotional issues. I've worked with clients on a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, chronic or acute pain, migraine headaches, back pain, sinus infections and sleep disorders, as well as with clients who come for energy healing as a compliment to their conventional medical treatment for cancer or other health issues.

What inspired you to start your business?

I've been doing energy healing since 2004, but never made it my business. I always treated it as karma yoga - selfless service - and spent my days working for other people. But in the new Year, I felt a calling to expand my energy healing practice into a business. Soon after, I was approached by new clients. Things naturally unfolded from there, with me settling into an office space at the Charlottetown Area Health Clinic and expanding my practice. Nothing brings me more joy than relieving suffering and connecting others with wellness and vitality. I feel privileged to do this work.

Have you experienced any unexpected surprises since starting your business?

My intuition has become very clear since I've been working on more and different clients. Each person's energy field is unique, and part of my work is to sense where the blocks are in the client's energy flow. I can feel this with my hands hovering over a client's body - the energy feels different where the blocks are, sometimes thicker, or colder, or prickly. Then I use different techniques to release the block and get the energy moving in a healthy way. It's been wonderful to work on clients with different energetic needs and watch them change positively over the course of several treatments.

What have your successes been?

Seeing my clients release what's not serving them, letting go of old emotions or physical pain and feeling stronger, clearer and happier - this brings me a lot of joy. I go into every session with no expectations of the outcome. I do my best to prepare myself, to be a clear channel for the healing energy to come through me, and to be sharply observant so I know what's being asked of me as the practitioner during the healing session. But the result of the healings I can't dictate - all healing is essentially self-healing. The client connects through my hands with the Universal healing energy and the result comes from that interaction. When clients are ready, I teach them self-healing practices they can do at home to support their process, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), exercises to balance their energy centres, and meditation.

I also write a blog (found on my site, on spiritual growth and healing, with a focus on emotional support. Clients can find posts organized by emotion or topic designed to assist their daily self-care practice.

How has COVID-19 affected your business? Has it changed the way you operate? Taught you any important lessons?

I opened my business in the thick of COVID-19, but we have been fortunate here on PEI to be able to practice this kind of work despite the pandemic. People need healing and to strengthen their immune systems now, more than ever. Energy healing is one modality that can help the body to naturally heal and strengthen its resilience.

Other than COVID-19, what challenges has your business faced and how have you overcome them?

My own shyness and introversion! I am a quiet and introspective person. I have a tight circle of deep friendships, but I am not a social butterfly, so networking doesn't come naturally to me. I love seeing clients, and I'm warm and friendly, but I have never found self-promotion easy. I am learning to "put myself out there" more. Joining the PEIBWA was part of that. :)

Is there anything else we should know about your business?

I'm covered under most extended health insurance plans, which makes my service a bit more accessible to most people. Energy healing feels different for everyone, and reading about it can only give a pale representation of how it feels to receive it. At the most, it can be life-changing, freeing you from pain, emotional wounds or alleviating health issues you're struggling with. At the least, it's deeply relaxing, soothing and energizing. To find out what it will be for you, come see me and try energy healing for yourself!

For more information about Elsa’s services visit her website or her Facebook page.

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